(or, why we gave up the garden battle!)

As busy Alaskan women, we've always had wonderful summer gardens. However, every season we compete with intruders helping themselves to our bounty before and during the harvest. The thieves come in all sizes and shapes: enormous moose, cute and fuzzy bunnies, impatient children and our own dogs! The dogs love following us around munching on raspberries or carrots, and enjoying the "broccoli bones" after the heads have been harvested. We've finally given up! Well, sort of.

Note: Many dogs with allergies have no trouble with our natural vegetable treats and happily devour the alternative to bland, boring "hypo" foods. Ask your veterinarian before offering, but expect your critter to do a happy dance if given the green light for Glacier Bites!

One of our dogs has terrible allergies and is on a very restricted diet, but can handle broccoli and carrots easily, and loves the variety these snacks provide. We developed Alaska Glacier Bites as a way to offer healthy treats to her and to all our veggie-loving pets who seem to be getting the bulk of our gardens anyway. Freeze drying our harvest prolongs the sweet, fresh-picked flavor of summer and we feel good about the natural, preservative-free treats we offer our pets all year. 


Palmer, Alaska is an extraordinary farming community. It is the definition of "small town America" and we are excited to call it home. Many of us have grown up together and stayed (or returned) to put down our own roots and raise our families. Creating Alaska Glacier Bites is a way for our families to stay in Palmer, connected with each other and our amazing agricultural environment.  Simply put, we love where we live!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact our owners, Carol or Julie.



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